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10 Smart ways to spend your 13th month pay

I wrote this blog post which was originally published in Lifestyle Upgrade 101. Admit it or not, if there is one thing that we anticipate come the BER months, it is our 13th month pay. Perhaps, you have already planned what you will do with the money as early as September. Well, there is nothing wrong… Continue reading 10 Smart ways to spend your 13th month pay

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Jenv T Corre’s Wall is nominated for the Liebster award

I have a confession to make—I envy those bloggers awarded with a Liebster. The long wait (not that long, though) is over because Jenv T Corre's Wall is endowed with a Liebster award nomination. Yay! I have Safia Begum of Imagine Forest to thank for the nomination. Created in the summer of 2015, Imagine Forest,… Continue reading Jenv T Corre’s Wall is nominated for the Liebster award

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Your values are ‘a many-splendored thingy’

[Warning: This post is fueled by angst.] Values... Big word. The word 'values' is basically defined as the 'person's principles or standards of behavior.' It is one's judgment of what is important in life. Talk about debauchery; but the millennials (I'm not generalizing, though) lack the values they should have developed early on in their… Continue reading Your values are ‘a many-splendored thingy’

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Reasons why I love my job

In my almost three years here, I've seen a lot—lots of friendly faces and not so. I've seen them come and go. Some quit the job after six months. Some quit the job and travel. Some quit due to health reasons and some others because they feel burnout. I've seen some people get hurt. It's… Continue reading Reasons why I love my job